“I get to the root cause of your dogs issues, I do more than just address the symptoms.”

— Karen Mangini, Dog behaviorist
Creator of the Bow WOW! Method

Toby and Mandy

“I rescued Mandy from the shelter, she was going to be "put down" that afternoon because they said she was attacking the children in the three different adopted homes where they placed her. She was misunderstood. She is now a THERAPY DOG who works with children!”

“Toby was the product of a divorce, left alone for days without food or water, they said he was untrainable and had ADD and most likely autism. He too is now a THERAPY DOG! He is well-trained and happy.”

Karen began her career by rescuing unruly dogs from shelters and eventually training them to become Therapy Dogs. Her next step was to assist in the evaluation process for the Delta Society in the training of Therapy Dogs.

Understanding dogs' behavior came easy to her. She instinctively knew what was needed for the dog to behave accordingly. After a successfully working with Therapy Dogs, she realized she had a gift. It was then clear to her what her life's purpose was to be.

Karen has profound insights for training any dogs' behavioral issue. She gets to the core of the problem, which is where true healing takes place.

Whatever behavioral problem your dog has, Karen will lovingly train the problems out of your dog as she teaches you the leadership skills you will need to be the pack-leader with a mother's touch in order to keep your dog well trained and happy with her amazing BowWOW! Method.

The three most common reasons that dogs misbehave:

  • When proper boundaries have not been set and they don't understand who is in charge.
  • When they do not know what is expected of them.
  • When they are not able to live out their true nature as beings.

I am going to stick my neck out here in the risk of having it cut off, but it is TRUE, so here it goes....Dogs are like men. Most men WANT to be our Knight in Shining Armor, they want to provide for us, but they have no crystal ball, they don't take hints and all women are different. So, here is the problem: It is up to us to explain to them what it is that will make us happy.

Believe it or not, it is the same with dogs. They are eager to please us, but they just don't know how! I will teach you the language of dogs, so that they will know what is expected of them and they will happily do your bidding. Karen can teach you what your dog is thinking and feeling and why your dog is acting-out in order to correct it yourself. Once they truly understand that you are the Alpha Dog, they will provide.

Karen truly believes that there is no such thing as an untrainable or bad dog, only one that does not yet understand what is expected of them. She understands and finds a solution to every problem! She will help you!

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"My mission statement is to acknowledge the bioenergetics interaction and connection between people and animals. I am an advocate of change in the interpersonal violence and animal cruelty. I work toward a greater understanding surrounding the health implications of the human-animal bond."

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